Interflex - Flexographic Plates

Flexographic/Letterpress Photopolymer Materials

Interflex supplies a variety of Photopolymer printing plate materials. These include Flexographic / letterpress and solvent wash Flexographic materials.

Afatech Water Wash Photopolymer Material.

Environmentally friendly Flexographic plate material available in 0.95mm (0.037”) up to 2.84mm (0.112”) thickness. Afatech is processed using warm water with a mild detergent additive no requirement for solvents to be used.

Press ready plates on around 30 minutes.

Compatible with water, solvent & UV based inks.

Jet Letterpress Photopolymer Material


* Easy and fast manufacturing
* Perfect ink transfer
* Extremely sharp lines and grid
* Very fine dot reproduction percentage range
* Waste water environmental friendly
* Technical information on request

JET plates are available in different thicknesses and hardness with foil, steel and aluminium backing.
There is also a CTP version available.
The use of simple warm tap water makes plate production safe and environmentally friendly.
JET plates can be used time and again with excellent result.
They have high resistance to conventional and UV flexographic inks.

Jetflex Digital Solvent Wash CTP Flexo Photoploymer Material.

Jetflex Digital plates are particularly suitable for repeat orders, due to their longevity and ozone resistance. The effect of accurate dimensional stability and accurate thickness tolerances result in high-quality consistent print.

Jetflex Digital plates cover a broad range of applications.

* Available in two Thicknesses 1.14mm (.045”) & 1.7mm (.067”)
* Very low bump required
* Excellent rebound elasticity leading to lower impression settings
* Excellent ink transfer
* Very long run length capability

JET Letterpress Photoploymer Plate Materials.


* Letterpress Label Printing
* Dry Offset Can & Plastic container Printing
* Business Forms
* UV Flexographic Printing