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Jetlaser CTP Units – Suitable for use with Flexographic Letterpress and Screen media.
Jet Europe Solvent Wash Flexographic Plate Processors
Jet Europe Water Wash Flexographic Plate Processors
Jet Europe Eco Wash Plate Cleaning Units
Glunz & Jensen Plate Cleaning Units
Jet Europe UVA & UVC Exposure Units
Dry Film Systems for the production of negative films

Jet Laser - The new Force in Flexo Imaging.

Jetlaser can create smooth gradations, with no hard or sudden change in tonal values.

Jet Europe brings the latest technology to flexo. Packaged with resolutions of 2400/2540/4000/ 4800/5080 dpi and is even capable of resolutions up to 9600 dpi, the Jet Laser has been developed and launched with the high-Quality flexograhic digital imaging market as its target.

Jet laser is compatible with:

✓ Letterpress plate
✓ Flexo plate (water/solvent based)
✓ Metal backed resin plate*
✓ Dry Film
✓ Thermal offset plate*
* 600 and 900 models only

Solvent Wash Plate Processing Equipment

Interflex ‘IF’ Range


• For all types of solvent based photopolymer plates
• Environmental & operator friendly
• Fast processing times – typically 5 minute wash for a 1.7mm in thickness material.
• Supreme and constant quality
• Space saving design
• No plate surface damaging using special brushes
• Plate is washed in upside down position creating less solvent absorption and therefore reducing drying times.
• Less wash solvent used because of reduced solvent absorption.
• No need to clean base of plates after processing due to the ‘sticky wash bed’ technology.


• Wash-out, flush and pre-drying, all in one operation.
• Extremely low solvent consumption.
• After washing-out the plate is flushed with clean solvent.
• The plates come out of the washing unit clean and dry.

Combiflex Solvent Wash System


• All-in-one solution for processing all solvent photopolymers up to 7 mm
• Operator friendly by touch screen
• All sections PLC controlled
• Permanent self-adhesive plate fixing, no punching needed
• Automatic plate washout and cleaning
• Automatic solvent replenishment
• Solvent fume exhaust system


• For the processing of each type of solvent photopolymer
• Both traditional and digital
• Up to 7 mm thickness
• Plate transport by a sticky transport plate
• All sections are PLC controlled
• Easy operation by a touch screen

Polyflex Tower Units


The Polyflex (previously known as Polimero) is delivered with exposure, washer and dryer and fitted with an anti-tacker.
The washing plate is provided with an adhesive and/or magnetic layer, depending on the type of photopolymer plate involved. Exposure, washing and drying times can be set easily and read out digitally.
• For solvent washable photopolymer plates
• Manual operation
• All-in-one system
• Easy to install

Water Wash Photopolymer Processing Equipment

Equipment for the production of Afatech water wash flexographic plates.

Processing equipment for the Afatech material is available in both flowline and tower systems including water filtration units.

Jet Letterpress Processing Equipment

Jetline Flowline System


• Suited for all different types of water washable photopolymer plates
• Easy to operate by touch screen
• Computer controlled
• Excellent quality
• One non-stop operation
• Orbital and floating brush washing system


• The JETLINE systems are constructed according to the flow-line principle.
• This consists of a washing section, a pre-dryer, a drying section, and a post-exposure unit.
• A separate exposure unit can be placed under the dryer. JETLINE CTP is suited for the latest generation CTP plates.


• High output capacity
• Consistent perfect plate quality
• Low noise level
• Easy to maintain
• Good price-quality ratio
• Optional pre-rinsing unit for CTP plates

Waterpress Tower System – For Letterpress Material


• Manual operation
• All-in-one system
• Washing out in ordinary tap water
• Easy to install
• Soft brushes for optimal result in maintaining fine details
• Hot air circulation dryer
• PLC-controlled
• Demos, description manuals and safety data sheets available on request


The Waterpress units are delivered with exposure unit, washer and dryer.
Washing is using normal, heated tap water.
The washing plate holder is provided with a sticky plate and/or magnetic layer, depending on the type of photopolymer plate involved.
Exposure, washing and drying times can be set easily and read out digitally.

Plate Cleaning Equipment

Eco Wash Economical Plate Cleaning Units – Efficient & quick processing units for cleaning of the flexo plates after printing.

Glunz & Jensen Plate Cleaning System – Robust and quick plate cleaning units for cleaning flexo plates after printing.